Hogeschool van Amsterdam

On June 18th, 2013 I have given a public lecture for the Studium Generale Inspiration Night at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (College of Amsterdam) at the location Gebouw Jan Bommerhuis (Jan Bommerhuis Building), Wibautstreet 80-86; 1091 GP Amsterdam. At that location Social Sciences and Law is taught. The lecture was held under supervision of Martin Stam, Lector Outreaching Work and Innovation at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. After my lecture there was a short contribution of scientific researcher Sebastian Abdallah. The lecture was held in one of the college rooms of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The attendance was good.. ¬†Besides people of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam there were also interested people from outside the Hogeschool van Amsterdam present at the public lecture. I spoke for over an hour about my book “My youth murdered” and talked about it frank and openly. The book was also for sale that night and several people did buy a book. I also took some of my paintings. These were set up in the college room.There was also a musical contribution by Ron Lindeman who sang, the especially written for me, song “Motherless Child”. The public lecture was also received very well and positive by the attendees and listeners. Afterwards there was also an opportunity ¬†for a more personal conversation. The book “My youth murdered” will also be recommended by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam as required literature. So I was told. Below are a number of photos of this public lecture. I am available for public lectures for all those who are interested to hear about my book, my life story and my thoughts and views. Whether those are educational institutions or government institutions, companies, cultural groups, clubs, private persons or whomever. If you are interested you can contact me. Either by email or by telephone.


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