De Vlaamse Gaai….

Two months ago we found three very young Jays in the bushes in front of our house. The cats were hunting them so we took them in our house. We nursed them , fed them and took care of them. The oldest Jay we released after a couple of days. The second one we released after a few weeks. The third one we released today. We went to the woods and walked around till we found other Jays in the wood. We released Jay there. He flew away into the trees. He’s free! Have a good life Jay!

Willeke Meijer Living Book at The Human Library Event in the Public Library in Almere March 30, 2019

Op zaterdag 30 maart 2019 was ik één van de Levende Boeken tijdens de Human Library, die werd gehouden in de Nieuwe Bibliotheek in het centrum van Almere Stad. Mensen konden mij “lenen” voor een bepaald tijdsduur voor een persoonlijk gesprek over mijn leven en mijn boek Willeke Meijer Mijn Jeugd Vermoord. Hier is een video over deze gebeurtenis. Het was ontzettend leuk en leerzaam om het te doen. On Saturday March 30, 2019 I was one of the Living Books at the Human Library, which was held at the Public Library in the city centre of Almere City. People could “borrow” me for a certain period of time for a personal conversation about my life and my book Willeke Meijer My Youth Murdered. Here is a video about this event. It was really nice and educational doing it. De muziek is: Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 – Classical Whimsical van Kevin MacLeod is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie (…) Bron:… Artiest:

Luisterboek, Mijn jeugd vermoord

Videoverslag van de ontvangst in de SC-Multimediastudio in Eerbeek en de presentatie in ‘t Boemeltje te Almere van het luisterboek van Willeke Meijer Mijn Jeugd Vermoord. Het luisterboek is o.a. te verkrijgen o.a. via Storytel en en andere internet downloadsites voor luisterboeken. Of direct via of


Expositie in het Stadhuis van Almere.

Op 3 mei 2010 had ik een expositie in het Stadhuis van Almere.

Today, the 3rd of May 2010, I hung 9 of my paintings in the city townhall of Almere for an exposition wich will last throuhout the entire month of May 2010. There will be an official openingsreception on friday the 7th of May of wich I will also make a video. But today gave me a special pleasant and satisfying feeling after hanging and arranging my paintings. I hope the people will like my paintings because that’s waht I do it all for!



Milly Boele R.I.P.

On the 12th of June 2010 a group of bikers organized a ride-out in honour and remembrance of Milly.
They gathered and drove on their bikes to the house where Milly lived.
Artist LaReinaWilleke and artist/singersongwriter Ron Lindeman were asked to make a painting in honour and remembrance of Milly.
The painting was presented to the parents of Milly at the end of the ride-out.
Ron  Lindeman wrote a song especially for this occasion and called it “Song for Milly Boele”.

Song Motherless child


Video van Motherless Child . Met schokkende beelden van Net5 uit de serie Moordvrouwen ,gemaakt door Jessica Villerius van Posh Productions.


Geupload op 12 sep 2011
Motherless Child ( Song for LaReina)
dedicated and written for Willeke M. AKA LaReinaWilleke ( artist name).
footage from Net5 series Moordvrouwen made by Posh Productions.
Music and words by Ron Lindeman.
Ron Lindeman : acoustic guitars and vocals.
Anand Mahangoe: leadguitar.
Ron Baggerman: bass on Ziggy tapstick.
Kevin van Genderen: grand piano.
Roy van Veenendaal: drums.
copyright Ron Lindeman 2011.


The 52 year old Willeke Meijer, herself a victim of pedophiles, explains what kind of consequences this can have for these young victims at a later age. ‘Contrary to what is sometimes heard in the media: how young the victim yet is, it is inside of you and remains present in your entire being. And once you recognize that pain, that fear, years later. As a victim of pedophiles you are condemned to a life sentence. Physically you do not die, but emotionally and mentally you die bit by bit. That piece of death you carry with you in your soul for the rest of your life’ The life story of the woman born in Rotterdam is heartbreaking. Between her seventh and eleventh year she was rented out to pedophiles by her mother. When her own young daughter was raped by a pedophile she murderd the perpetrator . She was in prison for twelve years, but she does not have real regrets “I have never felt it as a crime, more of a retribution for what has happened to me and to my little daughter”. As an expert by experience with pedophilia and meanwhile a grandmother, she calls upon all victims of pedophilia. ‘Whether it has happened recently or is still happening or whether it has happened already a longer period of time ago. Put yourself over the shame. Make it known. Make it known that it is enough.’ The original footage is available in HD, for usage contact the editors. The video on youtube and DailyChannelTV is free to embed on your site. More info: [email protected]